WE ARE In the business of delivering FUN!

Our Ultimate Mission

To provide a fun atmosphere, where EVERYONE enjoys the party!

We are Family!

We're a local, family-owned business that grew from the mere fact that we couldn't find a unique, local or cost effective venue for our child's birthday party. Having three kids, we've done the bowling alley, bouncy house, gym-hosted events, etc.; and, like most parents, wanted something new and exciting for our kids. After doing some research, we discovered the Ultimate Game Truck met our criteria:
  • It's unique... the kids LOVE it!
  • It's local.... The party comes to YOU!
  • It's cost effective... you can entertain 24 kids!

With Our Ultimate Game Truck!

We bring the ultimate in video gaming entertainment, while providing a stress-free party solution to parents.  What could be easier than having the "party" pull up to your doorstep, and having a Game Coach manage the game play, fun and excitement?!

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