We create the fun and EVERYONE enjoys the party!

Services and Benefits

Ultimate Game Truck can make your next event even more memorable!

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, having a family reunion or hosting a graduation party, the Ultimate Game Truck is the perfect entertainment for EVERYONE!

It's Fully Equipped

Our Ultimate Game Truck is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to entertain up to 24 players simultaneously!  It’s the "ultimate" because it has the largest, highest-quality, 3D video screens and MORE consoles than any other gaming theater.  In addition, there's iPod connectivity to play your music or ours, a programmable interior laser light show, and exterior LED "arcade" atmosphere lights.

It's Unique

All ages LOVE it! Where else can you and 23 of your closest friends be a combat hero or “Just Dance".

It's Stress Free

What could be better than a party AT your house, but not IN your house? There’s no set-up or clean-up, and your Game Coach does all the work!

It's Local

The party comes to YOU! Whether at your residence, the neighborhood park or your favorite pizza parlor, the Ultimate Game Truck can deliver hours of fun almost anywhere.

What's a game truck?

We pull up to your location with a complete video game party ready to go;
all we need is a place to park!


Events Types

Birthday Parties

Graduation Parties

Family Reunions

Sports Viewing


School Functions


Charity Events

Launch Parties

Corporate Events

Grand Openings

Holiday Parties



Bar & Bat Mitzvah


Up to 24 players at the same time!

The party COMES TO YOU!

No set-up or clean-up!

It’s a party AT your house, not IN your house!

Your Game Coach manages the action and keeps your party on track!

The host can sit back, and enjoy the party!

An awesome experience everyone can enjoy!

It’s the ULTIMATE in party entertainment!

Stress-free party solution for the host

Great for all ages, and all types of events

It’s “techno” fun for all ages… from the video gaming to the 3-D movie viewing.

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